Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Welcome to Wordie Blocks.

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wordie Blocks: Prices

Random & Uniform Sizing
1-3 letters: $15.00
4-5 letters: $20.00
6-7 letters: $25.00
8-9 letters: $30.00
9+ letters: $30.00 + $2.00/letter after the first 9
(Example: 12 letters = $36.00)

Mini Sizing


If you are ordering more than one set, you will receive a discount. The more sets you order, the bigger the discount!

- Cash
- Check
- PayPal

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wordie Blocks: How to Order

It's as easy as sending me an e-mail.

Be sure to include the following:
  • What word you would like "Wordie Blocked" (if you know exactly what letters you'd like, be sure to include that as well)
  • What size (you can refer to the sizing post for more information)
  • What color (either black & white or sepia)
  • If you'd like ribbon or not
  • If you will need them shipped (shipping typically runs about $11.00 depending on how big your order is)
*Please be sure to include all of the above listed. Failure to include any one of these options will result in a delay of completion.

Once I receive an e-mail, I will send you some examples of your Wordie Block set(s) to approve and choose from. E-mail me back with your chosen set(s), I will then send you an invoice. As soon as payment is received, your blocks will be started then shipped (or available for pick up)!

Wordie Blocks: Sizing

Wordie Blocks come in several sizes. Below are some examples of each size that is offered.


MINI 3"x4"


Wordie Blocks: Examples

"HAMBLIN" Random, black & white.

"LEFEVRE" Random, sepia.

"CAPRON" Uniform, black & white.

"CASTAGNO" Random, black & white.

"JUDD" Random, black & white, w/ ribbon.

"PUTNAM" Uniform, sepia.

"JONES" Random, black & white.

Wordie Blocks: Letters